This is simple. I’m a designer that provides creative and strategic communications as applied to all media. Specialized in the creation of brands visual identities my work encompasses the areas of verbal identity, corporate identity, editorial, packaging, environmental and exhibition design, retail, advertising and new media.

I believe in simplicity. I look to generate solutions which are effective, clear, uncomplicated, and -at the same time- creative.

I believe in competent communication. I go for a kind of communcation based on ideas and not on superficial solutions, or on creativity for creativity’s sake.

I believe in service. I work with the client rather than for the client, therefore allowing for the buiding of a lasting relationship based on trust and commitment.

I believe in network-working. I offer global solutions. I use to organize speficic teams for each project, according to the needs and expectations of every client. I see this as essential in order to get a good result.

It’s simple. I believe in constant and humble work, always striving for excellence.